Welcome, 2018!

How did you spend your New Year’s Eve? Did you make already your New Year’s resolutions list? Here is the small insight of my goals for 2018!

I got to spend the last day of 2017 with my other family – with my very good friends and roommates. 2017 connected us to the point, that we consider each other as a family now. There is no place I rather be than with them!

One of my 2018’s resolutions is definitely to keep this strong bond between each other and to maintain our friendship. Which sometimes sounds difficult since 2018 is bringing us a lot of travels and not many opportunities to see each other. But we will make it work anyway. We always stand for each other and this is the most important!

This year I made a list of my New Year’s resolutions. On this list, you can find everything from maintaining strong relationship, body shape and health, and of course some others financial goals. Making this list motivates me to start doing it already now. But hanging it somewhere where you can see it every day is the key to make it happen!

So make your list as soon as possible and start working on it already today. Not tomorrow! Today!! **

Again, I wish you a fantastic 2018, full of laughter, happiness, love and health!

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