Video: Pole fitness in Phuket Cleanse!

The secret is finally out! I am more than happy to share this great news with you!! Never, ever give up on something you wish sincerely!

For the past six months, I was looking for a different pole dance classes here in Phuket. After finding just two studios and trying both, I decided to buy the pole and train by myself. Don’t get me wrong, both studios have amazing instructors, but both are unfortunately unavailable for me (one is too far and one is….well, just unavailable to me).

You all saw how happy I was to get a pole in my house. Even though I had so many problems with installation, I finally managed to put it in a space between walls. It was good to train some moves, but for anything else, there was not enough space.

What I did next was to drive around and search for the room to rent where I would be able to practice. But I have never thought if this – and it was right in front of my nose the whole time. Of course, my yoga studio where I am training every day! I spoke to the crew of Phuket Cleanse and they were so nice to let me train in their studio whenever they have free space.

For me, this was more than enough. I was more than happy to finally start training in a proper studio! My first training was just what I needed for a long time and I had to make a short video of me doing what I love. Here you can check it:



I would like to thank again the most amazing crew from Phuket Cleanse and invite you all to check out their website where you can see what they are offering. From the most amazing accommodation, and delicious food, to the inspiring workshops and hard training (yoga, HIIT, Muay Thai, etc.). I would recommend it to everyone!

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