Poker video: from Zero to Hero

Do you ever wonder what does it take you to become a successful poker player? How some of the biggest names in the poker world started their way to success? What are the biggest taboo questions you can ask a poker player? You get all the answers in this video!!

I am extremely proud of my friend Christina who decided to interview poker players in a BPC (BestPokerCoaching) community in which Jan participated as well (and successfully finished) and create a documentary video about it.

I am not trying to promote it, but it is true that this programme changed Jan’s life. He didn’t go from zero to hero, but close to it. Not just that. On the way to success, we both found some lifetime friends, our current roommates and much more. Because of the BPC, we are travelling even more and looking at things differently. Anyway, you probably get the point. If you are a slightly winning poker player, then I would 100% suggest you apply for it. Even if you are a losing player, you should get your sh** together and do something about it.

In this video, you can see the way to the success of some very good and famous poker players. Also, their little protégé which are on a good way to become one of them as well. You can see what background some of them are coming from and what was their biggest motivation.

I especially like the part where poker players are answering the »taboo« questions which many people want to ask but they don’t… 😀

Well, stop with the spoilers. Take those 40mins of your time and check it out!

Great job, Christina!!



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