Hello, high season and Christmas time!!

What is your favourite month of the year and why? Check out which one is my favourite and especially why!?! I think you might be surprised… 😀

December is from far my favourite month of the year. Not just because we have three good men who bring you presents if you were good. Or delicious (and lots of) food with your family. But also because of the weather!

Well, I love winter and cold. I always liked skiing and having fun in the snow. Or just to wear those hot sweaters and jackets. And omg, those big boots!! I am a big fan of the winter for sure.

But everything changed when we moved to the Paradise. Winter became summer, and summer became…well, warmer summer with more rain. Do I like it? Hell, no!! Will I stay here?? Hell, yeah!! Why? Because Jan loves warm weather and we had to find some compromises. Should we stay in Slovenia and have a bit of everything? Well, not an option. Should we move to Scandinavia and have just winter? If I want to stay without a boyfriend, then for sure. 😀

So we have a compromise that we are going home for the end of the winter and I will have free time to go ski with my family or friends. This will satisfy my needs and I will be a happier person. 🙂 Nevertheless, having summer all year long helps me keeping my fit shape, so I can’t really complain.

Ok, I have to admit that December is my favourite because of the Christmas spirit as well. I love Christmas songs, decorations, delicious food and hot wine (Lin, I am still waiting for it)! And presents, of course!! It is just a week until the Christmas and I am already beyond excited to celebrate it!!

Which is your favourite month and why? Do you prefer winter or summer? Or maybe spring or fall??

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