Coral island with this a long-awaited gang

When in Thailand, you should go visit this beautiful small island Koh Hey or Coral island. Why? Here are the reasons… And oh, check out the gallery 🙂

I finally convinced my sister to come visit me with her family. Unfortunately, we had a bad weather for almost the whole week and not many opportunities to enjoy on the beach. But we still found a day when it wasn’t raining and we went to our neighbouring island – Coral island.

This destination is one of our favourites since first of all, it is very close to us. All we need to do is go to the beach (100m) from our place and rent a long tail boat. If you rent it with skipper for the whole day, it will cost you around 35-40€ (for the boat and not per person).

The second best thing is that if you rent your personal boat, you can go anywhere on the island. There is a beach called Banana beach, where they usually don’t take tourists on day trips. So it is not that crowded but it is still many people there who want to just enjoy the day. They have restaurants, a cocktail bar (with great cocktails), diving centre and those small shops. So basically, you can find everything on this small beach.

Next thing is – why it is called Coral island? Because you can find many small corals through crystal clear sea water. And not just that. If you find the real coral, and you put it in your hand in the water, those small beautiful fishes will come to you and eat it from your hands. Isn’t that amazing?

Not to mention that Banana beach is really famous for Toucans. You know those nice birds with large colourful bills? Well, you can see many of them in there. They are so popular that even the roof of the restaurant is in shape of toucan bills. Amazing! We saw them eating a banana and it is really fascinating how the peel the banana off and eat it.

During the high season, you can find there also a beach volleyball and many different beach sports. It is never boring to go there and it is definitely one of our favourite places to go chill a bit.


Cheers gang! Till next time…!! **

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