(Christmas) gift ideas for poker players

Since it is already December and all about Christmas, we are allowed to think about gifts for our loved ones. My thoughts today are with poker players and what to give them for Christmas or any other occasion. Maybe this stands also for others… Check it out. πŸ™‚

Poker players are usually very specific about their wishes. In the most case, they probably already have what they wanted. And finding a unique gift for them that they are actually gonna like it is close to mission impossible.

But like any other human being, there are few things they would like to find under their Christmas tree. Of course, I cannot say for everyone but after many years of following poker players and living with them, I came to some conclusions or ideas of what to give them.

First, try to think about what they really need and how much is your budget.

The second and the most important one: try not to surprise them with poker connected gift, such as poker chips suitcase, poker cards or something similar. From my experiences, they have enough poker in their business life already. They don’t need it more in their personal life. Especially not for such an important holiday, when all they want is to spend it with family, far away from the business. So give them a break from poker!!

But of course, there are a few exceptions. Maybe your poker player needs some equipment for his/her online poker job or needs to improve his/her mental game.

So here are my ideas of what to give them as a Christmas gift or any other occasion:

Β 1. A unique comfortable chair for working long hours.

Β 2. A standing for more screens. I found this very useful since online poker players have many monitors and not much space.

Β 3. I am usually trying to avoid poker related gifts, but if you think that your poker player needs it, you should give him/her some self-improvement, or motivation book. Also, some good teaching program where he/she can improve poker game is much appreciated.

4. I found sport very helpful for your physical and mental health so sport connected gifts are always my priority. I like to give something like a coupon for trying a new sport, an equipment for the sport he is already passionate about or membership for some training.

5. With few exceptions, my personal belief is that poker players are adrenalin junkies. Buying them an adrenalin experience or something adventurous is always the unique idea. Especially, if you can do it together – more fun!

6. One of the ideas which I am dreaming about for quite some time but still didn’t find the perfect opportunity and person to give to is this floating poker table. It is perfect if you have a pool at home or if you are living in a Paradise πŸ˜€ I love it!!

Β 7. For those who want to give something cheaper or more personal/creative, you can make a small book with coupons for free dinners (which you are going to prepare by yourself). Or maybe do something extra unique – last year I prepared the whole pole dance choreography just for Jan. I was preparing it for two months and I put a lot of effort and practise in it.

Β 8. If the money is not a problem for you then a small trip or flight ticket/hotel room is a great idea. This way you can have a nice getaway from daily schedule, business and time to relax and forget about work. It also gives you a chance to see more places on our beautiful planet.

9. One level higher with your budget and you get to the most popular thing among poker players at the moment. Guess which one? Crypto and especially Bitcoin, of course! Who wouldn’t be happy with one extra bitcoin now that it is breaking all the records?? πŸ˜€


Described above are just a few ideas which I found useful/funny/interesting. But of course, the most important is to listen to them what they really need or wish for. Surprising them with something they mentioned in the past that they need is the best gift you can give them.

I hope that I helped you a bit and feel free to comment if you have any other idea. Maybe I can use it sometimes. πŸ˜€

Btw Jan, if you are reading this…Don’t worry, your gift this year is already picked and definitely not described in this article! πŸ˜›

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